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  1. Negative Ion Tourmaline Powder for 325mesh-6000mesh
  2. Negative Ion Tourmaline Powder for 325mesh-6000mesh

Negative Ion Tourmaline Powder for 325mesh-6000mesh

  • Standard: ISO9001
  • Brand : MC

NEGATIVE ION POWDER FEATURES:Appearance: light yellow color.Granule sizes: 200mesh-6000mesh.Mohs hardness:7.5.Amount of negative ion releasing: ≥500PCS/ cm3 /S.Far infrared ray radiation rate: ≥0

  1. Detailed information


  1. Appearance: light yellow color.

  2. Granule sizes: 200mesh-6000mesh.

  3. Mohs hardness:7.5.

  4. Amount of negative ion releasing: ≥500PCS/ cm3 /S.

  5. Far infrared ray radiation rate: ≥0.85(50°C)

  6. Specific surface area: ≈60m2/g

  7. Thermostability: ≥985°C

  8. Aqueous PH value: 7.0±0.2

Negative Ion Powder is a powder made by special nano-coating technology, with strong thermal and pressure sensitivity. The particle size is smaller than ordinary Negative Ion Powder and the release amount of negative ion is plenty.

Negative Ion Powder can purify air, eliminate body fatigue, promoting body health. It can be used in fiber for clothes. Wearing such clothes stimulates negative ion constantly for the body, providing energy. It can also be added in paint, coating and plastic products.


Nano anion powder is produced by nano-technology through special processing. Besides all functions of the ordinary anion powders, it has the following characteristics: particle size is less than 20nm and can be dispersed into water without any complicated treating method or equipment.

The nano anion solution is produced by nano-tech through special processing. With ultra-fine particle size and evenly dispersion, it has stable performance and can be distributed into any required concentration.


Existing sectors:  Nano anion powder

Content :≥99.9%

Negative ion emission:≥20000/cm3

PH value:7.0±0.5

Average particle size: ≤20nm

Performance :

It has ultra-fine particle size, is easy to disperse and use, large anion emission amount, no precipitation even after long-term storage.

Nano anion powder Application fields:

It can be applied to the producing of anion ultra thin fiber, anion finishing agent, anion health supplies, anion functional coating, ceramic, textile, paperwork and woodwork.

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