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Industry News

  • white tourmaline powder for masterbatch

    White Tourmaline Powder Product specification: 3000mesh, 8000 mesh, 10000 mesh, nano grade. Product application industry: functional masterbatch, PP polypropylene, m

  • Factory supply tourmaline powder

    According to different uses and particle sizes, tourmaline powder mainly includes tourmaline powder, ultra-fine tourmaline powder and nano tourmaline powder.

  • Negative ion powder for baby's bottle

    A few days ago in Shandong, China, there is a customer who purchases negative ion powder for ceramics.His real purpose is to make ceramic milk bottles.The negative ion powder is added to the ceramic b

  • Electret masterbatch related principles

    Electret is a kind of material which is made of nano tourmaline powder or particles made of nano tourmaline powder and carrier in the process of melt blown non-woven fabric electret, and charged under

  • The negative ion powder in medicine

    ​In the medical field, anion has been recognized as an effective means to kill bacteria and purify the air. The main mechanism is that the combination of negative ions and bacteria can change the stru..

  • Tourmaline powder

    Fine 8000 mesh tourmaline powder, 10000 mesh tourmaline powder, 15000 mesh tourmaline powder, 25000 mesh tourmaline powder - added to functional masterbatch - melt blown non-woven fabricElectret

  • Masterbatch usage nano grade white tourmaline powder

    Micro tourmaline powder can be used as electret material. Electrets are electrolyte materials with long-term charge storage function. Electret methods include electrospinning, corona charging, frictio

  • Application of negative ion powder

    Negative ion powder is the principle of negative ions produced by human beings using nature. Air is made up of countless molecules and atoms. When molecules or atoms in the air lose or acquire electro

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