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Industry News

  • Negative ion powder in paint

    Negative ion powder can be added to paint. Painting on the wall can purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, promote human blood circulation, improve human immunity and promote metabolism. So as

  • Efficacy of tourmaline powder

    Efficacy of tourmaline powderTourmaline has different uses, such as tourmaline powder, ultrafine tourmaline powder and nanometer tourmaline powder. Applicable industries include embracing, cigarettes,

  • What are the differences between negative ions and negative oxygen ions?

    There is only one word difference between negative ions and negative oxygen ions, and there is a certain correlation between them. Therefore, many people often mistakenly believe that negative ions an

  • Health negative ion powder

    ​Negative ion powder has many functions and involves many industries, but in the end it has a certain effect on human health care.

  • The application industry of negative ion powder is more and more extensive

    almost every industries begin use the negative ions powder

  • Negative ions powder

    The amount of negative ion powder added to the jewelry is generally 3%-10%, and the negative ion powder is released about 70,000. The negative ion powder added to the jewelry has the dual functions of

  • The role and usage of negative ion powder for ceramics

    The ceramic negative ion powder is used as the main raw material to make the tile floor bathroom and ceramic products.

  • The benefits of negative ion tiles

    As well know the negative can be released negative ions, and it is natural materials, So it is widely used in the ceramic industry. it mixed to the ceramic as a proportion.

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