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Factory supply tourmaline powder

  Tourmaline powder is the powder obtained by mechanical crushing after removing impurities from the original electric stone ore. Tourmaline is also called tourmaline. The general chemical formula of tourmaline is nar3al6si6o18bo33 (oh, f) 4. The crystal is the general name of a group of cyclic silicate minerals in the trilateral system. Where R represents metal cation, and when R is Fe2 +, it forms black crystalline tourmaline. Tourmaline crystals are nearly triangular columnar, with different crystal shapes at both ends. The columnar surface has longitudinal lines, and often presents columnar, acicular, radial and massive aggregates. Glass luster, fracture rosin luster, translucent to transparent. No cleavage. Mohs hardness 7-7.5, specific gravity 2.98-3.20. Piezoelectric and thermoelectric.

The raw materials of tourmaline powder are mainly divided into fiber tourmaline and crystal tourmaline, and Xinjiang single crystal tourmaline, Guilin needle fiber tourmaline and Xinjiang poly crystal tourmaline are of high quality and high yield.


By purpose

According to different uses and particle sizes, tourmaline powder mainly includes tourmaline powder, ultra-fine tourmaline powder and nano tourmaline powder.

By application

The following is a brief introduction according to its application industry:

* Tourmaline can absorb the peculiar smell of paint, colloid and other products. It is used for interior wall painting of building decoration, and can absorb the peculiar smell of paint, colloid and coating.

* Tourmaline powder is used in the textile industry and can be used as environmental protection carbon cloth. Ultra fine electrical stone powder can be made into ultra-fine fiber, which can be made into antimagnetic, moisture-proof, warm quilt, cotton pad, anti electromagnetic radiation shirt, vest, insole, etc. it can also be used in rock bath, sweat room, light wave room, sauna facilities and environmental protection home decoration.

* it is used to purify the water quality. The tourmaline powder is made into tourmaline ceramsite of various colors and shapes and used to purify the mineralized container.

negative ions powder

negative ions powder

negative ions powder

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