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Application of negative ion powder

Negative ion powder is the principle of negative ions produced by human beings using nature. Air is made up of countless molecules and atoms. When molecules or atoms in the air lose or acquire electrons, they form charged particles, called ions; those with positive charges are called positive ions, and those with negative charges are called negative ions. Negative ion is a kind of gas ion with negative charge in the air, so it is also called "air vitamin".

(1) The movement of the negative ions in the purified air anion powder in the air presents a "Z" shape. In addition, the negative charge is delivered to dust, smoke particles and water drops. The charge combines with the particles to form a ball and sink, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

(2) Eliminate indoor odor and various harmful gases In the process of interior decoration, the irritant gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, ketone and ammonia volatilized from the decoration materials, the acid smell of leftovers in daily life, and the harmful odor of cigarettes, etc. can be effectively eliminated by using the negative ion powder wall cloth, curtain or coating containing negative ion powder.

(3) Negative ion powder is added into filter element of drinking water machine to increase dissolved oxygen in water. Bathroom towel made from anion fiber or used in bathroom water treatment can accelerate the movement of water molecules and turn ordinary water into active water. Increase energy, easy to remove human body dirt, eliminate fatigue.

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negative ions powder

negative ions powder