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Electret masterbatch related principles

Electret is a kind of material which is made of nano tourmaline powder or particles made of nano tourmaline powder and carrier in the process of melt blown non-woven fabric electret, and charged under 5-10kv high voltage by electrostatic generator to improve the efficiency of fiber filtration. Because the electret has the function of releasing negative ions, it has both properties.

Electret is a kind of electrolyte material with long-term charge storage function. The electret methods mainly include electrospinning, corona charging, friction electrification, thermal polarization and low-energy electron beam bombardment. The tourmaline electret material uses corona charging method to make the fiber carry a certain amount of charge and give the electrostatic filtering function.

There are two ways to improve the charge storage capacity of Electret Materials

1. By improving the crystallinity and mechanical deformation of the material, the structure of the material is changed, and a thin hole channel is formed to prevent the charge drift.

2. The charge trap is generated by introducing an additive with charge storage property.

Principle of electret masterbatch action:

The powder is composed of dispersant. It has the function of producing electric ion to store electric charge. Under the action of initiator, Mg Li tourmaline can release electric charge and air negative ion persistently, increase the electrostatic absorption and negative ion sterilization ability of mask, and effectively block the droplets, dust, virus and so on under micron.

After heating and pressurizing the electret, the performance of Mg Li tourmaline will be further enhanced. The effect will be doubled every ten degrees of temperature increase. The finer the fineness is, the more static electricity will be generated, and the adsorption capacity will be enhanced.

Add effect:

Adding a small amount of electret masterbatch can increase the density and depth of the charge trapping energy well, effectively release negative ions and store charges, and improve the comprehensive filtering effect and heat attenuation resistance of the melt blown non-woven fabric. At the same fiber fineness and weight, it can reduce the resistance of melt blown nonwovens and improve the filtration effect of melt blown nonwovens.