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    Natural black rough tourmaline

    • Standard: ISO9001
    • Brand : MC

    Natural black rough tourmaline, is one of non-metallic mineralIs a tourmaline (tourmaline) family of iron containing black mineral, also known as black tourmaline.

    1. Detailed information

    Natural black rough tourmaline, is one of non-metallic mineralIs a tourmaline (tourmaline) family of iron containing black mineral, also known as black tourmaline. The chemical composition is (Na, Ca) (Fe, Mg, Al, Mn, Li), 3Al6 (BO3 (OH, F) 4 (Si6O18).

    Tourmaline is a kind of borosilicate mineral, that is, besides the backbone of silica, there is also [BO3] complex anion group. Where Na+ can be locally replaced by K+ and Ca2+, (OH) - can be replaced by F-, but without Al3+ instead of Si 4+ phenomenon. R positions are similar in quality and wide in scope, and there are mainly 4 end member components, namely: R=Mg (Dravite), tourmaline (Schorl): R=Fe, lithium tourmaline (Elbaite): R=Li+Al, Tsilaisit, R=Mn.

    Between the tourmaline and the black tourmaline, as well as between the black tourmaline and the lithium tourmaline, forms two completely isomorphism similar series, between the magnesium tourmaline and the lithium tourmaline is not the complete isomorphism. Fe3+ or Cr3+ can also enter the position of R, chromium tourmaline Cr2O3 up to 10.86%.

    The black tourmaline has special pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity, charge is generated in the temperature and pressure or by other energy excitation will release negative ions, and a large number of far infrared radiation, with special electromagnetic wave protection function. Therefore, tourmaline can be widely used in environmental protection, electronics, daily chemicals, textiles, ceramics, building materials and other industries, such as piezoelectricity, can be used in the radio industry. Its pyroelectric properties can be used in infrared detection, refrigeration industry.

    Black tourmaline particles can increase the activity of water molecules and increase the negative ion content in water. Therefore, it is also widely used in water activated, sewage treatment, air purification and other fields. Because tourmaline has the function of stimulating negative ions and far infrared rays, it can also be used as the main material for daily health care products, beauty cosmetics and sauna bath facilities.

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