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    Tourmaline film for Mattress

    • Standard: ISO9001
    • Brand : MC

    Tourmaline, also known as tourmaline in our country, is a very powerful stone.

    1. Detailed information

    Tourmaline, also known as tourmaline in our country, is a very powerful stone. However, because of the difference in trace elements, tourmaline is mostly black tourmaline used in health products, and color tourmaline is mostly used in making jewelry.

    The health care industry is a major application of black tourmaline, tourmaline is one of the main raw material of the steam room.

    Tourmaline mattress can promote the circulation of human blood, achieve the purpose of massage health care, prevention of disease, auxiliary therapy, and eliminate fatigue. Tourmaline particles temperature control mattress using electronic heating temperature control technology, with the release of a variety of elements after heating, forming a natural magnetic field, the formation mechanism of resonance absorption and human health, clever fusion of nature and science, a new generation of health products.

    The far-infrared radiation, permeability and resonance absorbency improve the circulation of human body, circulate heating and eliminate waste, so as to achieve the effect of hyperthermia, eliminate diseases fundamentally, enhance the immunity of human body, and achieve the purpose of physical fitness.

    Tourmaline is indeed beneficial to human body. This is not a nonsense. Otherwise, if there are so many nonmetallic minerals, why is tourmaline only a useful name?

    Tourmaline mattress needs to be mainly electrical stone, these products need to be customized, if you need, please contact us.Email:

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