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Teach you how to choose high quality Negative anion powder

As a raw material, anion powder is widely used, such as medicine, cosmetics, health care products, decoration, porcelain, air purification, etc.

The results show that the negative ion powder physical ability stable highly effective production negative ion, the quantity of negative ion has the close relationship with the powder body quality, the measuring temperature and the measuring distance.

So how to choose high quality Negative anion powder?Or what kind Negative anion powder suitable for us?

The concentration changed with different powder quality and testing distance. The more powder quality, the higher ion concentration;

  1. Look at the color

    Negative ion powder belongs to mineral powder. If the mineral elements are different, the color will be different.White is the better quality of anion powder,compared with brown anion powder.For example, in the embryo of ceramics, the color will not affect the cost.So does the cosmetics.However, some industries do not have high requirements, so brown color will be more cost-effective.

  2. Number of contents

       The price of anionic powder with different mesh number is different, while that of nanometer level is higher.Because the finer the powder, the more processing procedures, the more costs and the wider the range of use.

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