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Application of negative ions powder in decoration industry

Refuse to decorate pollution, use environmental protection materials, this is the concept of many decoration companies now.Once a Japanese customer asked us about the negative ions powder for coating, and its intention was to protect the environment.Is this really feasible? In fact, there are customers in this industry among our purchasers.

Let's review the related effects of negative ions powder:

(1) Purified air

The movement of anions in purified air anions powder is in the shape of "Z". Moreover, it transports negative charge to bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water drops. The charge combines with the particles to form a ball and sink, so as to achieve the purpose of air purification. 

(2)Elimination of harmful gases

 Eliminate indoor odor and various harmful gases In the process of interior decoration, benzene, formaldehyde, ketone, ammonia and other irritant gases volatilized from the decoration materials, as well as the sour smell of leftovers in daily life, cigarettes and other odors harmful to people, can be effectively eliminated by using the wall cloth, curtains and other paint containing negative ion powder.

In fact, for negative ions powder for coating, you can choose any color of anionic powder. However, due to the difference of color, the matching precautions are different.

White anionic powder is not limited by color in proportion, so its operability is great, but the cost of yellow anionic powder is low, so they have their own advantages.

Because the negative ion powder can also be added to the ceramic tile, so many new houses are decorated with new products. The negative ion powder only accounts for a small part of it, but its effect can not be ignored.

Not only coating, but also many industries have developed equipment to eliminate formaldehyde through anion content, which also has the credit of negative ions powder.Therefore, negative ions powder is a new mineral developed after environmental protection minerals such as diatom mud and sepiolite.

As a raw material, the application industry of anion powder is really very extensive.If you need negative ions powder, welcome to contact us:

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