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Electret masterbatch tourmaline powder wholesale manufacturer

Electret masterbatch electrical stone powder wholesale manufacturer
How to improve the electrostatic properties of electret masterbatch;
Charge is formed by adding natural mineral materials with piezoelectric effect.
Tourmaline is a kind of mineral that can not be identified by mineralogy. Tourmaline has unique structure, complex composition and special properties. Tourmaline is one of the few crystals in nature that merges piezoelectric effect and thermoelectric effect.
Tourmaline is very complex in chemical composition. It is mainly composed of Al, Na, CA, Mg, B, Fe and other elements. Ring silicate crystal minerals, such as fluorine, are generated when magma flows through igneous rocks, such as granite and so on. Because of the deviation of the ionic lattice lattice in its crystal from the neutral position of electricity, it is charged.
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What's the difference between tourmaline powder and negative ion powder?

The negative ion powder: the composition is aluminum, sodium, iron, lithium ring structure silicate material with boron as the feature. It's similar in quality and development Because of its thermoelectricity and piezoelectricity, the polar ions vibrate in the balance position, which causes the change of dipole moment and generates far-infrared electromagnetic radiation, forming a strong radiation broadband. According to the test, the emissivity of the negative ion powder to the far-infrared is more than 90%. The negative ion powder has excellent antibacterial and bactericidal functions, and the negative oxygen ion produced in the negative ion powder has high activity It can destroy the activity of cell membrane or protoplast active enzyme of bacteria. Tourmaline powder is a kind of powder obtained by mechanical grinding after removing impurities from the raw tourmaline. The tourmaline powder processed and purified has a high amount of negative ions and far-infrared emissivity.
The temperature of the deep part of the subcutaneous tissue increases, and the thermal effect makes the water molecules activate, which is in a high-energy state. At the same time, it can activate biological molecules such as proteins, so as to enhance the tissue regeneration ability of the body and biological cells, accelerate the supply of nutrients and enzymes, and promote the health of the body. As we all know, when the two wavelengths are equal, resonance will occur. The human body is an organism, and 70% - 80% of the human body is composed of water molecules. Under the resonance, the vibration energy level of water molecules is the first, And produce a series of physiological reactions. Through scientific detection, the thermal effect of far-infrared rays and the resonance absorption of human body mainly produce the following functions: the activity of biological macromolecules makes the molecules of organisms in a high vibration state, so as to facilitate the activity of nucleic acids, proteins and other biological macromolecules, so as to play the role of biological macromolecules in regulating the metabolism, immune and other activities of the body The function is beneficial to the recovery and balance of the function, to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment, and to promote and improve the blood circulation after the far-infrared effect on the skin.
Especially for some items that need quick response, such as sprinting, swimming, etc., because there are a large number of negative ions in the sweat steam room, it can improve our sub-health status, prevent and improve our own physique.

So where do these negative ions come from? We all know that there are tourmaline and tourmaline powder in the perspiration room. What are the functions of tourmaline and tourmaline powder in the perspiration room? How do the negative ions work in the perspiration room? We all know from the function of tourmaline itself that tourmaline is a permanent release of negative ions Compared with the method of artificial obtaining negative ions, tourmaline can release negative ions without energy consumption, ozone and active oxygen, and make soft upholstery textiles, which can improve the air quality of indoor small environment. It is an ideal green environmental protection material. There are several explanations for the mechanism of tourmaline releasing negative ions permanently, one of which is due to tourmaline's electrolysis of water Use: 4H2O to electrolyze Oh - + H +.

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