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How much use of the negative ion powder in Health care?

With the development of society and the progress of mankind, the mining of non-metallic minerals can be used in many ways. The negative ion powder, as a gift given by nature, can release negative ions and far infrared rays which are beneficial to human beings. Therefore, they can be used in health care products.

According to its function, with far infrared powder feet will have sterilizing and deodorizing function. And can promote blood circulation, metabolism, so that feet warm up! For those who have cold feet, the effect will be very obvious. This can also improve the body function, and enhance the body's resistance to disease. And it can improve lung function and speed up the movement of respiratory fiber tissue.

Do you feel surprised to hear this? Can a negative ion powder have such miraculous effects? Negative ion powder really has many functions, it will have many health care functions, but you should not mistake it as a therapeutic effect. Anion powder has a lot of functions, but many people have put it on some of the legendary colors! Recently saw a weight key "negative ion magnetic sanitary napkin", according to publicity: put chips, can instantly make people power! Prostatitis is also treated! This kind of propaganda is really crazy. In addition to sanitary napkins can cure prostatitis, right to health, bone are based nano composite materials 1068 yuan a pair of insoles! (contains tourmaline)

A headache, tablets) put on the head, back pain on the waist, prostatitis put crotch, heart disease can be put out from the soles of the armpit, heart good immediately. Such propaganda really takes the products of negative ion powder and tourmaline as a gimmick and magnifies their functions by N times.

Although the negative ion powder with the promotion of human The new supersedes the old., improve human immunity, enhance human muscle function, regulating the body balance function and so on, but do not blindly believe that businesses infinitely exaggerate its function.

Anion powder is currently used as a basic material, can be used: environmental protection, cigarettes, coatings, textiles, cosmetics, water purification, air purification, anti-electromagnetic radiation, health care products.But no matter where it is applied, it needs a reasonable proportion. The scientific dosage is sure to be beneficial to the human body, but it is not exaggerated as advertised.

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