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What kind of anion powder is goog for paint?

Yesterday, a Japanese customer asked about anion powder for paint,They are a decoration company, want to do the coating with anion powder.Fortunately, the Japanese lady who communicates with me is a Chinese immigrant,So in communication, we have no problem.But Japanese and German friends are very strict,So a lot of cooperation with them,Need us to pay attention.

They have been working with Korean customers before,And the use of mostly brown negative ion powder.Just because of their meticulous, in cooperation for us caused difficulties.Anion powder, in China's import and export trade, was listed as the most advanced dangerous goods.But the customer requirements must be exported in the name of negative ion powder for later long-term cooperation.

In addition, the customer does not understand what kind of negative ion powder they choose the best.At present we can provide anion powder are: white anion powder, brown anion powder, water-soluble anion powder.As a professional supplier of negative ion powder, we understand that the price of brown anion powder is relatively cheap, the release of negative ion powder is sufficient, but the radiation is relatively large, it is not suitable for coatings. Water-soluble anion powder, the price is relatively high, and the sustainability of the paint used will be poor, so we often recommend customers to use white anion powder as a paint.

Of course, each region's scientific research and development is not the same, so as long as there is a reasonable way of matching, beneficial and the health of the human body, we are very happy to work with you.Paint grade anion powder, currently in mainland China for the Southern paint and decoration companies use,We are selling mostly white anion powder.MUCI as a more responsible company, so if you have special needs, please tell us.Tel: +86-18132112026(WhatsApp) /+86-18133839785 Email: