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China 19th CPC National Congress directly impact to us

In October 18, 2017, the nineteenth National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing.Many media are paying attention to what measures China will have in the next few years.Every major meeting, there will be many policy adjustments, and then will affect people's livelihood.This conference has just begun, but it has had an impact on us.

For example, our goods need more time on sea transportation than before.Domestic express also tend effectiveness for a given period of time.Worst of all, we may not be able to connect directly with our customers.We can't go on the Facebook, and send foreign mail, or even PayPal.Seriously affected the performance of our company and customer satisfaction.

Just as the United States is trying to prevent terrorists, it's extremely strict with customers,the inspection of cargo safety is extremely strict,Must have the company's seal or personal identification,but some clients don't understand it.

In this case, we express our sincere apologies,and us friends please wait a little longer time, If you need the tourmaline powder contact us in telephone.This meeting will end in October 24th, so please wait patiently for a week,Please forgive us.