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  1. Maifan stone
  2. Maifan stone

Maifan stone

  • Standard: ISO9001
  • Brand : MC

Maifan stone

  1. Detailed information


Medical stone is a kind of natural medical mineral which contains macroelements and microelements that are essential for human body,such as Zn,Fe,Se,Cu,I,Sr K,Na,Ca,Mg,P etc.

Size: 1-30cm and can be require.

Physical properties

Specific GravityVolume WeightPorosityBreak EateFilter SpeedWear RateMud ContentHydrochloric Acid Dissolubility

Chemical component

SiO2Ai2O3Fe2O3K2ONa2OCaOMgOWater Adsorption

Main function:

1.Maifan stone has high biological activity, maifan stone water called active water, it has a significant biological effect

2.This kind of electric hot-pot can keep fresh color and original taste, and the magical effect of Maifan Stone can extend the fresh and preserve period.

3.Removing unpleasant smell. Maifan Stone can absorb unpleasant smell in vegetables while cooking, and therefore remove unpleasant smell.

4.Its adsorption rate is 95%. It can absorb and decompose the liquor methanol in fusel oil to improve its quality. In addition,  it can be used to make anticorrosive, preservation, deodorant materials.

Packing: 25kg/bag or as require.