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  1. White Negative ions powder
  2. White Negative ions powder
  3. White Negative ions powder

White Negative ions powder

  • Standard: ISO9001
  • Brand : MC

white color negative ions powder

  1. Detailed information


Negative Ion Powder are made from natural materials carefully with nanotechnology.Scientific research shows that negative ions powder to human body keep energetic and of great help to the improvement of the human living environment.The characteristics of this series of products are natural, tasteless, non-toxic, safety performance is good.

Size: 325mesh, 600mesh, 800mesh, 1250mesh, 2000mesh

Color: brown, yellow and white.

Emission: 40000ions-90000ions

Healthcare function: 

repairing the spine

activating the cells

purifying the blood

promoting metabolism, purifying the body fluid and improving the inernal

environment of the human body

adjusting the autonomic nerve

adjusting the incretion

enhancing the human immunity

eliminating the free radicals

bodycare & facial treatment


1, Purify air, Decorate dispel peculiar smell.

2, Health care function The negative ion fibre processing fabrics such as clothes, bed sheets, and indoor decoration with wallpaper, carpet, or containing anion powder coating, etc., have health care and environmental protection double function

3, Water treatment with negative ion powder to join the filtration material used in water dispenser filter core, can kill bacteria in water, increase the dissolved oxygen in water, or used in the bathroom with anion fiber bath towel water treatment, can accelerate water molecular motion, activity of ordinary water into water

4, Negative ions powder can be added to the paint, paint on the wall which can purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, promote the blood circulation improve human immunity, promote metabolism

Packing: 25kg/bag or as require