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    White tourmaline ball wholesale

    • Standard: ISO9001
    • Brand : MC

    Our company provide the  tourmaline ball conventional four colors: gray black, light yellow, red and white.The main materials of the tourmaline ball are: tourmaline, high quality clay, and other

    1. Detailed information

    Our company provide the  tourmaline ball conventional four colors: gray black, light yellow, red and white.

    The main materials of the tourmaline ball are: tourmaline, high quality clay, and other basic materials.

    In addition, our company can supply the tourmaline ball diameter about 3 ~ 30mm.

    White tourmaline ball,is one our category of our tourmaline balls.


    In our society, the application of white tourmaline balls is mainly water purification.

    white tourmaline balls

    White tourmaline ball by adding nano-materials, the use of scientific formula and the traditional processing and forming means, after the appropriate temperature roasting, and then through a specific micro-ecological treatment of a new product, its main application in water treatment, water Mineralization and other fields.

    The product not only has a medical stone antibacterial ball, far infrared activation of mineralized ball and other functions, can make water quality mineralization, activation, purification, sterilization, self-cleaning, precipitation of more than 20 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human health, and can balance The body of the intake of trace elements to eliminate macro elements and macromolecules and trace elements and promote the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms within the intestine, resulting in an immune regulation factor to improve the human blood circulation system, digestion and absorption, excretion system The ability to metabolize.

    The product for human beings to open up a balance and trace elements in the human body a new way to achieve the nano-technology and antibacterial health care technology the perfect combination.


    1. Drinking water Use: the ball rinse, immersed in water can be. Long-term drinking this water, can adjust the body's acidity, eliminate fatigue, improve microcirculation, promote human longevity. Negative ion ball reaction with water, can handle even chemical lotion and chemical substances are difficult to deal with the problem.

    2. With white tourmaline balls soaked in water to cook, not only delicious and nutritious, but also to extend the food preservation time.

    3. With white electric stone ball soaked in water tea, tea has a stronger dissolution; with anion water spray flower fish, fish more fat, more brilliant flowers.

    4. The white tourmaline ball into the refrigerator, you can inhibit the bacteria breeding; into the tank, to prevent the tank fouling, rusty water pipes.

    5. white tourmaline balls according to a certain percentage of the toilet into the tank, the toilet odor will be reduced, and the toilet is not easy to scale, easy to clean.

    6. Because of the white tourmaline ball in the water will release many negative ions, bath can be directly into the bathtub soak, semi-permanent, can be used repeatedly, in order to keep the ball health, clear after use in a dry place or Sun drying.

    Therefore, if you buy white tourmaline balls, as only clean, you can put the cup, adjust the water quality, in order to test the product.