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    Negative ion powder for rubber

    • Standard: ISO9001
    • Brand : MC

    With the development of society and the continuous development of human beings, the application of negative ion powder is more and more extensive.Last month,

    1. Detailed information

    With the development of society and the continuous development of human beings, the application of negative ion powder is more and more extensive.Last month, we received a customer who wanted to use Negative ion powder for ceramic, and  used to make a milk bottle for baby. This kind of application is very rare in china.

    Anion powder can also be used in the rubber industry, but because of the difference in productivity, the application will be successively.

    What are the functions of negative ion powder for rubber?

    (1) the negative ions in the purified air negative ion powder move in the air, showing a "Z" shape. And transport negative charge to bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water droplets, etc., the charge and the particles combine to sink into the ball, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

    (2) to eliminate the leftovers acid smell indoor smell and harmful gases used in indoor decoration decoration materials in the process of volatile benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and other ketone, irritant gases and daily life, etc. on the cigarette harmful smell, with negative ion powder, such as curtains or with ten negative ion powder coating, the release of air ions can be effectively eliminated.

    (3) health effects by negative ion fiber fabrics such as clothes, sheets and upholstery with wallpaper, carpet, or containing negative ion powder coating, with the dual function of health and environmental protection, such as the use of negative ion fiber fabrics in the car, the car can eliminate the smell of air purification, endometriosis. The regulation of neural excitatory and inhibitory state, improve the cerebral cortex function, maintain a good mental state.

    (4) with a negative ion powder into the filter material for water dispenser filter water treatment, can kill bacteria in water, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, with a negative ion fiber towels in the bathroom or bathroom for water treatment, can accelerate the movement of water molecules, so that ordinary water into active water. Increase energy, easy to remove dirt, eliminate fatigue. The treated water can be used for indoor cultivation of high-grade green plants, which can improve the survival rate of plants, shorten the mature period, and spray the leaves of flowers, so that the fresh-keeping period of flowers can be extended by 5-10 times.

    The dosage is recommended between 3-15%, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the different products.

    (5) negative ion powder can be added to the paint, painted on the wall can purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, promote human blood circulation, improve human immunity, promote metabolism. So as to relieve mental fatigue and improve the role of essence and spirit.

    Other uses of negative ion powder:

    It has the functions of purifying air, eliminating human fatigue and promoting human health. In addition, the series of products also have antibacterial, bactericidal effect, and has obvious deodorant function. This product can be used for fiber, the weaving clothes to wear in the human body, can stimulate Everfount negative ions to the human body, the human body to keep full of go; on the other hand can continue to dispel the body of various human body waste, at the same time, with the function of clothes washing will not be because of much lower. The role of it. In addition, the product can also be used in indoor paint, paint, can also be directly placed in the room as a special air cleaning, deodorant use.