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  1. Negative ion powder for paint materials additive
  2. Negative ion powder for paint materials additive

Negative ion powder for paint materials additive

  • Standard: ISO9001
  • Brand : MC

Negative ion powder is the principle of human use of nature to produce negative ions.

  1. Detailed information

Negative ion powder is the principle of human use of nature to produce negative ions. It is a compound mineral artificially synthesized or matched. Generally, it is tourmaline powder + lanthanide element or rare earth element, in which the proportion of rare earth elements greatly exceeds that of tourmaline powder. It accounts for more than 60%. It is whether the rare earth produces negative ions or tourmaline produces negative ions. There is still debate in academic circles.


(1) Purification of air Negative ions in negative ion powders move in the air to assume a "Z" shape. It also transports negative charges to bacteria, dust, smoke particles, water droplets, etc. Charges combine with these particles to form balls that sink to achieve air purification.

(2) Elimination of indoor odors and various harmful gases Decorative materials used in the interior decoration process Volatilize benzene, formaldehyde, ketones, ammonia and other irritating gases as well as leftovers in daily life Sour smell, cigarettes, etc. This harmful odor can be effectively eliminated by using airborne anions that contain negative ion powders such as wall coverings, curtains, or coatings containing negative ion powders.

(3) Health effects Fabrics treated with anionic fibers such as clothing, bed sheets, wallpapers for interior decoration, carpets, or coatings containing anionic powders have dual functions of health care and environmental protection, such as fabrics made of anion fibers. Can eliminate odors in the car, purify the air, regulate the excitement and suppression of the driver's nervous system, and improve the mental state of the cerebral cortex.

(4) The anion powder for water treatment is added to the filter material for the filter core of the water dispenser, which can kill bacteria in the water, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, and use the anion fiber to make the bathroom towel or the bathroom water treatment, which can accelerate the movement of water molecules. Make ordinary water into active water. Increase energy, easy to remove body dirt, eliminate fatigue. The treated water is used for the cultivation of high-grade green plants. It can increase the survival rate of plants, shorten the ripening period, and spray on the leaves of flowers, which can extend the freshness of flowers by 5-10 times.

(5) Negative ion powder can be added to the paint, and painting on the wall can purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, promote human blood circulation, improve human immunity, and promote metabolism. In order to relieve mental fatigue, improve the role of spirit.