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    White negative ion powder

    • Standard: ISO9001
    • Brand : MC

    White negative ion powder features

    1. Detailed information

    Product Features:

    (1) Permanent air negative ion generation function

    The mechanism of ionization of gas molecules in the air mainly depends on the effect of external gonadotropins on the gas. The gonadotropins have ultraviolet rays, radiation, and photoelectric effects. The components in the anion powder have thermoelectricity and piezoelectricity, so that in the case of temperature and pressure changes (even small changes), the potential difference between the constituent crystals can be caused, which is as high as 1 million electron volts, thereby The air is ionized, and the hit electrons attach to the adjacent water and oxygen molecules and convert it into air negative ions, ie, negative oxygen ions.

    (2) Strong far infrared emission function

    The composition in the ionic powder is a silicate material of aluminum, sodium, iron and lithium ring structure characterized by boron. The isomorphism is similar. Because of its thermoelectricity and piezoelectricity, the polar ions are balanced. The positional vibration causes dipole moment changes to generate electromagnetic radiation in the far-infrared band. If it is added to the product (for example, fiber) in a certain proportion, it passes through its own free ions, impurity ions and ionic substances, impurities and The three-voice resonance produces radiation, which affects the polar vibration of the ion bond between the organic and inorganic molecules, forming a strong radiation broadband. According to the test, the negative ion powder has a far-infrared emissivity of more than 90%. The far-infrared properties of negative ion powders are good for human health.

    Other roles mainly include the following aspects

    1 Far-infrared can accelerate the movement of water molecules, making ordinary water become active water, so that the water penetration, diffusion, solvency, and metabolism are enhanced, and a water protective film is produced. 2 Far-infrared can expand the capillaries, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism and enhance lymphatic circulation. 3 Far-infrared can activate cells, excrete or regenerate old and dead cells, enhance cell energy, and enhance cell function and vitality.

    (3) Excellent antibacterial function

    The negative oxygen ions produced in the high-anion ionic powder of our unit have high activity and have strong redox effect, which can destroy the activity of bacterial cell membrane or cell protoplast active enzyme, thereby achieving the purpose of antibacterial sterilization.