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    Negative ion Ceramic balls for fish farming

    • Standard: ISO9001
    • Brand : MC

    The role of negative ion ceramic balls​ in fish culture

    1. Detailed information

    With the progress of material life, more and more people will cultivate some personal hobbies after work. Poetry, songs, music, chess, calligraphy and painting, flowers, birds, insects and fish.Today we will to introduce negative ion ceramic balls for fish farming

    The role of negative ion ceramic balls in fish culture

    Most of the first fish farmers will have the same experience. It's too difficult to raise fish, especially freshwater fish like goldfish, and even many people give up raising fish or raise turtles. But the old fish farmers will find it easy to raise fish, and the easier it is to raise it. It may be a matter of habit to analyze with idealism. Just bought goldfish, different environment, different water quality, different food, different partners and so on, so a batch of goldfish will die, and the rest will die more or less slowly, and some will survive, that is to say, adapt to the environment and survive.

    In fact, the old saying goes: fish can't live without water. Fish should be raised first. Choosing good water quality is very important for fish culture. Generally, people who buy fish to come back for breeding will use tap water or well water directly. The water temperature is often quite different from the water temperature in the fish pond, which contains a lot of chlorine. This kind of water is very harmful to goldfish.

    The role of negative ion ceramic balls in fish culture

    Some negative ion ceramic balls can be put into the fish tank for replacing water, because the high concentration of negative ions released from the negative ion ceramic balls can have an electrolytic effect with water, producing negative hydrogen oxide ions, making the macromolecular groups in the water smaller, increasing the solubility and permeability of water. The negative ion ceramic ball can reduce the redox potential of water and make the water weak alkaline.It can purify water quality and remove harmful bacteria

    The negative ion ceramic balls for fish farming usage method

    (1) . rinse the ball and put it into water for soaking

    (2) . In order to keep the ball clean, please dry it in a dry place or in the sun after use.

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