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How to determine the quality of tourmaline powder?

Some people often asked: How to determine the quality of tourmaline powder?And the tourmaline is true, or false?

Nature tourmaline has three major forms:

One, single crystal, is the column, the length of some, and some have six edges and corners, and some have three edges and corners, black, brightness, density slightly larger than the average stone, friction with the fur will attract light objects.

Second, fibrous, needle-like, hair-like tourmaline, black, with light.

Third, polycrystalline, massive tourmaline, also has a brightness, density than the general stone.

All above three types of tourmaline are black, in the absence of impurities , after cleaning, drying, crushing, after Raymond machine or airflow mill processing, 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 600 mesh, Are generally black, the color changes little. 

The color of the tourmaline powder is black,the deeper color, the more pure quality.

At the same as kaolin or talc powder , white powder is more white, is more higher quality, and more pure. Tourmaline powder itself is dark non-metallic mineral products, and how to determine the quality of tourmaline powder? color ,The tourmaline powderis black and dark is the most pure quality.

In addition, the uniform particles, and fineness, is also a way to determine the tourmaline powder's quality.Different thickness, uneven particle size,is just an ordinary tourmaline powder,or poor quality of the tourmaline powder.

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