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Welcome Arabia partner to our factory

After about 27days transportation the 10MT paint usage white color negative ion powder to Arabia. After our Arabia clients inspect our goods. They give us high praise. They are the third biggest paint company in their county. About 150MTS white color negative ion powder require from them. So they decide to visit us the inspect our factory and machine.

our partner

2017-7-21, this day is a big day. Our partner Mirza come to Shijiazhuang air port at 11:00 am. We meet each other very smooth. After a short greeting we go to our factory directly. During greeting we find mirza is a very ability people.

After reaching our factory, mirza don`t accept our advise go to the office directly. He directly go the our produce house and check everywhere. After 1 hour checking his clothes were all wet.

At last he again give us high praise for our product negative ion powder. And share his mind will do long and bulk business.