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Ceramic grade negative ion powder wholesale

Ceramic grade negative ion powder wholesale,Shijiazhuang Muci Trade Co.,Ltd own our own factory ,Our factory founded in lingshou county,due to the special geological, we mainly products is tourmaline stone, negative ion powder,tourmaline balls etc.Trading company is located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province,So we can provide the tourmaline powder and negative ion powder, tourmaline balls wholesale trade,As a matter of fact, we always have cooperative clients in China,Ceramic grade negative ion powder,It is usually a reservation in the southern city of China,Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shandong, Zibo.

The application of negative ion powder to ceramics has many advantages,So the sale of ceramic grade negative ion powder always very hot.

1, sustained release of high concentrations of negative ions, long-term maintenance of human health.

2, all products are made of natural inorganic materials, non-toxic side effects.

3, the use of long-term effective, functional and ceramic products, such as longevity.

4, high temperature resistance, after adding the ceramic body and glaze without adverse effects.

5, effectively remove formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases in the air, purify the indoor air. At the same time, it can obviously kill Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Therefore the use made of negative ion powder ceramic diet is beneficial to human body, including the cultivation of plants. last month, a customer in Shandong, Zibo, wanted white negative ion powder, ceramic grade, requiring high temperature above 1300 degrees celsius.The product he produce is a negative ion baby bottle.Because it is baby products, so in product quality and performance requirements are very high, the ratio is also very science.

So, though we can wholesale ceramic grade negative ion powder,But please clarify your purpose so that we can provide you with the best products,If you have any problem with the negative ion powder, please feel contact us +86-18133839785.