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Black tourmaline ore and Obsidian is the same substance?

Black tourmaline ore and Obsidian is the same substance?Why do us compare the two thing?Because both them are same in color and also can be used as bracelets.

In the concept

Obsidian is a common black gem, volcanic crystal, also known as "dragon crystal, ten wins stone", is a natural formation of silica, usually black. Obsidian since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use.

Black tourmaline is a tourmaline in a iron-containing black minerals, also known as black tourmaline. The chemical composition is (Na, Ca) (Fe, Mg, Al, Mn, Li) 3Al6 (BO3 (OH, F) 4 (Si6O18).

In the shape

Obsidian is amorphous,translucent - transparent, tourmaline is three crystal,Columnar crystal structure.

In the application

The biggest advantage of single crystal tourmaline is the ability to produce a permanent weak current of 0.06 milliampere, similar to the current through the human nerve, to promote blood circulation smoothly. (Use of tourmaline anion and infrared function can be cured of many years of women suffering from limbs, cold shoulder pain, low back pain, physical pain and neuralgia, etc.)

As the tourmaline has a special thermoelectricity and piezoelectricity, in the heat, pressure or by other energy excitation will produce electricity, the release of a large number of negative ions and radiation far infrared, with a special electromagnetic wave protection. Therefore, tourmaline can be widely used in environmental protection, electronics, cosmetic, textile, ceramics, building materials and other industries.

As tourmaline particles can enhance the activity of water molecules, increase the amount of negative ions in water. So it is widely used in drinking water activation, sewage treatment, air purification and other fields.

As tourmaline has the ability to stimulate negative ions and far infrared, but also for daily health care products, beauty cosmetics, sauna, washing facilities, the main material.

In the application of obsidian is relatively simple

Obsidian can be processed into handicrafts. In addition, obsidian due to the characteristics of the glass, broken pieces after the shell was broken mouth, very sharp. Ancient Stone Age was used as a knife, arrow and other cutting tools, modern use of obsidian to produce surgical scalpel blade.

So, in fact, the two are completely different substances.We can provide a variety of black tourmaline ore, if you need to contact us.