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Tourmaline jewelry really beneficial to the human body?

Tourmaline jewelry really beneficial to the human body?

Tourmaline is a natural gem mineralogy and a boron containing with complex composition of silicate minerals. Generally columnar crystalline morphology. Tourmaline is a kind of crystal, and a dielectric, or a charged stone.In China, tourmaline is a gems can be compared with jade.

Tourmaline has the function of health care characteristics.So tourmaline jewelry is really beneficial to the human body.

One of them: biological electrode, micro current. 

In various cells, human tissue (muscle and nerve tissue) and various organs (heart and brain), in a relatively static state or active state, with potential and potential changes, promote the regulation of the central nervous system and The new supersedes the old., autonomic nervous system, regulate the functions of the cerebral cortex, the cardiac rhythm and the blood circulation, improve microcirculation are especially beneficial for both inside and outside the cell membrane; humoral regulation, especially the energy exchange, ion exchange information exchange is a benign signal.

Two of them: the water has an instantaneous negative ionization.

The human body is weakly alkaline, the body will adjust to the best; the active oxygen non-toxic, ensures the health of the environment against harmful factor infestation; make cell activation, ensure normal blood purification, The new supersedes the old.; removing toxin; restore fatigue, ensure energy; regulate the autonomic nervous system the balance, to ensure the normal operation of internal organs; enhance the disease resistant ability, reduce the occurrence of the disease; analgesic and sedative effect; improve allergic constitution, prevent immune allergic diseases; aging, promote health and longevity.

In addition, tourmaline has yellow, blue , green, purple and other colors, so it can be make very beautiful jewelry.But the tourmaline we can offer is black,and other that aren't pretty.Can also be made into necklaces, and good to human body.


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