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Tourmaline powder uses/what are the uses of tourmaline powder?

In the search of Internet, many people would like asked what are the uses of tourmaline powder? So today, we will introduce to you the tourmaline powder uses.

Tourmaline powder has many uses. We have introduced it in previous articles.If you need the tourmaline powder, can contact us.

1.In medicine:

Tourmaline powder can be made into plaster. The advantage of this product is that it retains the original function of the plaster, and also has the characteristics of tourmaline emitting far infrared, releasing negative ions, releasing trace elements and obvious bioelectricity characteristics. It releases ultra high pressure micro current static electricity which can stimulate the muscles and nerves of the affected muscles, improve local blood circulation, relieve pain, and promote the metabolism of muscle cells.

2. building materials: 

If added the tourmaline powder,the paint, stone, plates, carpets, and cement, etc., will have decontamination, disinfection and other functions.

3. the automotive industry:

The automotive industry: tourmaline used in the automotive industry. The utility model can be used for automobile decoration materials, heat preservation and air cleaning in a car, and it also can be used for automobile paint, so that the color of a car is always new.

4.household electrical appliance manufacturing: 

electric stone castings applied to the washing machine can make clothes cleaner, used for air conditioners, can eliminate odor, bacteriostasis, release negative ions.


tourmaline powder used in cosmetics can eliminate pox, freckle, whitening and wrinkles.

6. food processing industry: 

the use of tourmaline powder to make food bags, fresh bags.


tourmaline can raise soil temperature, shorten the growth period of crops, and achieve the purpose of high yield. In addition, tourmaline is widely used in wine making, aquaculture, animal husbandry, flower industry and so on.

Although the use of tourmaline powder is a lot, but in the actual application of tourmaline powder, it needs a scientific proportion.New projects are also being developed, so MUCI suggests that you be carefully to buy and choose the right products. If you have any questions,  call us Tel: +86-18132112026(WhatsApp) /+86-18133839785 Email: