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2017 Muci Trade Notice about National Day & Mid-Autumn Day

2017 National Day holiday notice:

According to the General Office of the State Council 2017 National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday arrangements, Muci trade staff will leave 8 days. If you need tourmaline powder products, please pay attention to the holiday arrangements.

September 30, 2017 (Saturday)  normal work, Holiday time: 2017 October 1 - October 8, of which October 4 for the Mid-Autumn Festival, with the National Day holiday together for a total of 8 days. October 9, 2017 (Monday) on work.

2017 National Day holiday time

During this period:

Shijiazhuang City operations center staff collective holiday, so during the holiday Muci trade will not receive customers;

Yanchuan factory site staff part of the transfer, arranged on duty, so the factory holidays can still available for customers to visit.

In addition, we will arrange the duty phone, if you have a demand, can contact us. Tel: + 86-18133839785 / +86-18132112026.

During the holidays, the duty officer seriously perform their duties, do a good job on duty records, in case of unexpected events, according to the relevant provisions of timely reporting and proper disposal to ensure that the work on duty in an orderly manner.

As the holiday is one longer than others, the annual National Day travel need to avoid the peak, the other travel is also a good choice. But the weather changes must pay attention , and the next 8 days, Shijiazhuang will have four days of rain weather.

Wish you have a good day and we apologize for any inconvenience to you.

Muci Trade Administration Department

September 30, 2017