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Thanks to the customers of India for our gift

Compared with domestic trade, there are language barriers or cultural barriers  in foreign trade,but after the cooperation the friendship is more precious.With the advent of autumn, the weather in Shijiazhuang gradually cooler,However, the Indian customer's visit, let us warm.

One foreign trade cooperation, all need time to communicate,Our Indian customers, is a pair of father and son, and we met them is in the Canton Fair in China. And nine months have passed, we have ushered in a new cooperation.At that time cooperation is color sand and vermiculite.They are a family of trading companies,This cooperation of the product is black tourmaline powder and tourmaline ceramic ball.Let us happy is that they trust us, and give me a set of picture.

negative ions powder

negative ions powder

Each country has its own cultural characteristics,Indian customers still miss China's trotters,Food without borders, and trade is gradually deepening.A picture of Indian culture, is the customer passed to our friendship.

In this set of paintings, mostly black and white paintings, and India, like China, have a relatively long cultural traditions.

Indian painting is very broad, such as the large-scale wet murals of the Eloa Grottoes, the intricate Mughal miniature paintings, the metal paintings of the Tandra Wool School. The painting of Gandhar to Taxila was influenced by Western Iranian art. And the Oriental characteristics of the painting in the lofty art school near the development.

We can supply black tourmaline powder, white anion powder, and gray tourmaline ball, a variety of purification products, beneficial to human health, look forward to working with you.

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