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Anion powder exports must have a good freight forwarding partner

In China, the export of negative ion powder due to institutional reasons, there will be restrictions on it.In China, due to the customs system, anion powder was classified as Class 9 dangerous goods.Before the new standard come out, the export of negative ion powder is difficult to justifiably.But in China, how the anion powder exported?

negative ions powder

If meet the customer not have a lot of request  , anion powder can export be renamed.Of course, must be able to safely export anionic powder products.In the unknown, sometimes there will be some accidents, and then can make people progress.When we export the first single anion powder,Has a big problem when it didn't shipped to the customs,that is the goods fire,We have mistakes, courier companies are also responsible, that year's Spring Festival, we have not had a good time.But then we gained experience and was able to export well.

negative ions powder


This is part of our bill of lading,After all, we have our own mineral products factory, anion powder can be bent with bentonite or the name of the export of sand.

But from heart, we hope that China one day can able to open the export price of anion powder. Because the white anion powder is not dangerous, and the not dangerous non-metallic mineral products also exist a lot.

But a good freight forwarding is also vital to us,Now the big freight forwarding company is still relatively reliable,But we are unfortunately, looking for a friend.The friend, in a freight forwarding company,He promised their company is big, we can take the goods directly,But after the real cooperation, they step by step plus money,Not only led to the delivery late, but also expensive, and ultimately, we lost the friend.So to find a good reputation of the freight forwarding company, for export terms, is very important.

We hope that our products can reach more countries, out of our own country, no much restrictions on the restrictions. After all, the negative ion powder is not drugs and dangerous goods.MUCI trade are looking forward to working with more friends,if you need the negative ion powder call us :+86-18132112026(WhatsApp) /+86-18133839785 Email: