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Tourmaline balls Chinese suppliers

Dear friends, first thank you for clicking on our website.We are a Chinese trading company with its own mineral products factory,Tourmaline balls,is one of our flagship product.

In China, tourmaline ball, also known as tourmaline ceramic, tourmaline mineralized ball, tourmaline ceramic ball.But in the raw materials is the use of tourmaline, high quality clay, other basic materials through molding, sintering to get a new material.No matter what kind of it call, the tourmaline balls function is the same.

Electric stone ball currently has several colors, and in the traditional application, its role is mostly water treatment.But in fact, the role of electric stone ball is not just water treatment.With the development of society, electric stone ball there are health care, textile and even food.

But in addition to water treatment,for example, it can enhance drinking water activation, sewage treatment, crop water and purify air in all areas. the other is the newly developed function. But the benefit  to human.

We are located in Lingshou County, China,Rely on the Taihang Mountains,Has a rich tourmaline mineral,We can process a variety of Tourmaline balls,Welcome friends at any time to contact us:Tel: +86-18132112026(WhatsApp) /+86-18133839785  Email: