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2018 MC trade holiday arrangements for the Spring Festival

2018 MC trade holiday arrangements for the Spring Festival

Today is February 2, 2018. It's only thirteen days to the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China. Although the national legal holiday is only 7 days, many companies tend to spend more than 7 days.

And The day after tomorrow is the beginning of spring, also mean that the weather will be gradually warming.

Today is the last day of my company's employees, although the Spring Festival in China started yesterday

In 2018, our Spring Festival holiday was arranged as follows:

February 3, 2018~February 22,  a total of 20 days.In February 23, 2018 formal work.

Before the holiday, please all departments clean their own desk and chair, check the doors and windows and power equipment before work.

Although most of the factory employees have been on holiday, there are still many products in stock. If you have product requirements, please call our duty hotline in time:+86-18132112026

Warm advice to the vast number of friends, go out to drive to be careful, for the new year to visit friends and friends to pay attention to safety! Return home reunion, must be optimistic about the fire source of the house and so on, all things, safety first!

Here, The all staff of MC trade wish you happy new year and new year have a good luck, fortune and success!

February 2, 2018