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Why Red Tourmaline Be loved by people

With the Spring Festival approaching, the new year means more and more stronger, once again a year of fate, think how the red fire fire?

In China's Spring Festival, the red thing is always the most popular. So, why red tourmaline is the best choice of the year of fate?

According to folklore: year of fate is guilty of Jupiter, Jupiter pledge to sit, there will be no joy and woe. Most people will frown, so in the folk, people can dress or year of fate is hanging red things to hide evil curse.

Red Tourmaline

As a result, we can see from the history of customs is the need to wear red ornaments to year of fate, Zhaofu evil. Further, is a series of red, red, red ruby spinel garnet red tourmaline, zircon, etc., can be used as the year of fate evil jewelry. And what kind of gem will be the best year of fate. Gem personally feel that the most suitable in the year of fate wearing gems, it is red tourmaline.

Because, tourmaline itself, tourmaline is a spiritual role, is evil. In ancient times, tourmaline and talisman is a homonym of the ancient times, so it has been regarded as evil tourmaline gems.

Although the main ore of MC trade is the black tourmaline, the red tourmaline also exists in a small amount. 

The red tourmaline is not only bright in color, but also beneficial to the human body. Therefore, it has always been loved by the Chinese people. The new year is coming, and the customers who want to choose the red tourmaline contact us as soon as possible.