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Is the same substance between germanium powder and ochre powder?

Through the related search of network definition, germanium is silver gray crystal, the melting point is 937.4 C, the boiling point is 2830 C, the chemical formula is Ge, which can be used to make semiconductor material. The classification of organic germanium germanium powder: powder, inorganic germanium powder, metal powder, powder, ordinary germanium germanium germanium powder.

Germanium is the general name of a class of minerals containing germanium in nature.

In 2017 October, we received a ochre particles customers, was due to environmental problems can not Chinese cooperation. It is mainly applied to the surface of the pillow on the ochre powder and granule.

Today, the customers are getting in touch with us again, this time it is germanium powder. However, because of the differences in language and product names, we have not understood the real needs of the customers.

In fact,we can not only supply the negative ion powder, tourmaline powder, and also ochre powder, if you need, welcome send the product specifications list issued to our 

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