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Merry Christmas To MC Dear friends

Christmas Day,the 25th of December,is the biggest festival celebrated in the Christian countries of the world.Although everyone enjoys Christmas Day,it is particularly enjoyed by children,who get very excited because of the presents they know they are going to receive.

Christmas is a festival that is as big as the Chinese New Year.I wish my dear family, friends and fellow students, partners Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas!Usually it snows at Christmas, so there's a story of Santa Claus and sled.This year's Christmas, Shijiazhuang is a big sunny day, so there is no snow, but it is very cold.Many Chinese began to send apples and oranges on Christmas Eve,From the good moral.

Small children believe that their presents are brought by Santa Claus.Santa Claus (also called" Father Christmas)is a kind of old man who,the children are told,lives at the North Pole.He travels through the sky on a sleigh which is pulled by reindeers and loaded with presents.Stopping on the roof of houses,he enters by climbing the chimney.When small children go to bed on Christmas Eve,they hang a stocking at the end of their beds.Their parents warn them not to try to look at Father Christmas,or he will not leave them anything.When they wake,they find their stockings filled with presents.Children are very excited on Christmas morning and always wake up early.

Christmas is also a family celebration.As any members of the family as possible gather to eat,play party games and watch the special Christmas programmes on TV.

MC a professional supplier of tourmaline powder,Merry Christmas to our dear friends.