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Marketing is everywhere. Just a few days ago, We received a foreign phone call. I was ashamed to say that I forgot all my English teacher's teaching. could not remember anything except a sentence of Hello. Later, through the communication of foreign trade colleagues to know, it was to supply our tourmaline products.

It was later known that it was a member of the United Arab Emirates in Arabia. It was also hard to sell products like this. But it is clear that the other person has made a mistake, although our moose trade is a trader, but we have its own factory in the area. The boss is the start of the mineral plant, the later trading company.

Therefore we itself is tourmaline product suppliers, we do not need to purchase a large amount of tourmaline, even need to purchase, and China is vast territory and abundant resources, why should we go to Arabia? Although the Xi greatly held The Belt and Road of the new policy, but there is no demand for our factory.

New things happen all the time. After hearing one of my Hello, this friend also told a long series of English accents with Arabia accent. They really didn't understand, and finally sorry had to give them to colleagues in foreign trade.

At present, Mourinho CI trade mainly black tourmaline, tourmaline, tourmaline ball, can also take international freight, but usually go by sea, need friends, welcome to contact with us:Tel: +86-18132112026(WhatsApp) /+86-18133839785,Email:

English has forgotten, we still speak Chinese, old iron, after watching big laugh at you, we invite you to cooperation, visit the factory and ask for samples are very welcome.

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