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Is tourmaline a transparent crystal?

Tourmaline is a kind of crystal ore,Chemical formula Na (Mg, Fe, Mn, Li, Al) 3Al6 [Si6O18] [BO3] 3 (OH, F) 4, color, has red, yellow, blue, green and so on, the same crystal inside and outside or different parts can be two-color or multicolor gloss, glass gloss, transparency is all transparent, translucent. The streak, main surface vertical lines system: the three party system is mainly used, jewelry, air purification, water treatment industry, etc.

The tourmaline is mostly transparent and translucent stone, but the stone with deep color is mostly translucent.

The crystal is columnar, and the crystal surface at both ends of the crystal is different, because the crystal is not symmetrical. Vertical lines often appear on the cylinder, the cross section of a spherical triangle, this is caused by the development of a series of high index surfaces, as to why the development of a series of high index surfaces, and surface energy may be related, because, from the geometric point of view the surface of three square columns can be relatively large, developed into spherical three square column will reduce the surface energy, but the spherical three square column will lead to high index facets development. Bimorph is developed according to (101) or (401), but is rare. The aggregate is rod like, radiate, needle shaped, and also dense or cryptocrystalline block.

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