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2018 China holiday notice

In December, when western countries were preparing for Christmas, China announced the holiday arrangement in 2018.

Today is December 5, 2017,  It's already in the last month of 2017, and gratifying that China's 2018 holiday arrangements have been officially released.

The general office of the State Council recently issued a notice on 2018 part of the holiday, we can arrange in advance to next year's vacation days off. According to the arrangement, there are still seven holidays in 2018, including the two holidays of the Spring Festival and the national day. Unlike this year, there is no one to catch up with the weekend in next year's holidays, so it doesn't have to go any more.

The specific arrangements for the 2018 holidays are as follows:

New year's Day

New year's Day: the holiday in January 1st, and the weekend.

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival: from February 15th to 21st vacation days off, a total of 7 days. February 11th (Sunday) and February 24th (Saturday).The biggest and most traditional festival in China.

Tomb-sweeping Day

The Tomb-sweeping Day: April 5th to 7 vacation days off, a total of 3 days. Work on Sunday (Sunday).

The Labor Day: April 29th to May 1st vacation days off, a total of 3 days. Work on Saturday (Saturday).

Dragon Boat Festival: June 18th holiday, and weekends.

The Mid Autumn Festival: September 24th holiday, and the holiday weekend.

The National Day: October 1st to 7 vacation days off, a total of 7 days. September 29th (Saturday) and September 30th (Sunday).

Christmas Day introduce

December 25th is Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, many people will have big parties. They like eating turkey(火鸡), fruits and drinking some juice for supper. After supper, many people will go out for shopping and walking (walk) with their children. There are a lot of special things: Christmas trees, socks, Christmas card and some presents. So in Christmas Day, all the families are very happy.

Spring Festival introduce

The Spring festival is the most important festival in China.It is on January 1st according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

It's China's New year's Day So usually a month before the festiva,people begin to buy food clothes and decorations for houses.On New Year Eve,each family will gather together eating,talking and watching TV for almost the whole night.The children are the happiest of all because they can get presents from 

their parents or grand-parents.

On Lunar New Year's Day.pepole will eat dumplings.When they meet their neighbours or friends,they'll say:”Happy New Year!”The New Year celebrating activitise will last about half a month.