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New application of negative ion powder coating on automobile wheel hub

At present, the application of negative ion powder to coatings is very common in the world, but it only appears in the south of China.

The main reason for the application of negative ion powder to architectural coatings is that the negative ion powder can remove odor and adsorb formaldehyde and so on. The negative ion powder coating can maximization reduce the pollution of decoration.

For the Chinese people, negative ion powder coating is a new thing, but after the paint has been innovating, there are more new fields. It is like the use of paint in the automobile industry.

The day before, 2017 China auto materials and coating technology and industrial application of big data exchange will be held in Suzhou in October 27, 2017. The display of the powder coating wheel hub is really stunning the attendees of the painting industry colleagues. And it can be designed as a multi - color car hub.

With the progress of the world, the development of society and the emergence of new things, we should take a correct attitude to see them. Some people will refuse, some people will doubt, but innovation can often lead to the great development of society.