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What is the Xia Yuan Festival?

Xia Yuan Festival is one of traditional festival,with the ghost festival and the Lantern Festival, be said three yuan day.

What is the Xia Yuan Festival?

In the 15th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, for China folk festivals,Xia Yuan Festival, also known as "under the Lunar New Year" and "yuan". China traditional festival: Spring Festival, ghost festival, the Lantern Festival is under the Yuan Festival, the Lantern Festival, every family in China are relatively well-known, the ghost festival in the 15th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, many places have many customs.

But the next dollar is rarely known.

"The Customs record" records: "in October, Wang Yuan for the next day, the water solution of the palace vulgar Chuan Chen, also Chizhai chanting'." This day, Taoist temple, folk worship and pray for the dead, under water officer to solve problems. In addition, in the private sector, under the Yuan Festival this day, there are folk craftsmen offering furnace God custom, God is the furnace.

What are the customs of the Xia Yuan Festival?

Pray for gods: the evolution from the ritual content and object view, under the metaverse and melt into a lot of agricultural production in the ritual customs, has become a worship of gods, they drive evil, pray for good harvest of agricultural worship festival.

Enjoy the ancestor: the ancestor is not only the ancestor belief, but also to pray for the peace and health of the descendants.

Eat seasonal food: yuan this day, the villagers at home and do cake as a gift to friends and relatives, steamed buns and other former sesame curd, rural children the most happy day, can eat a lot of sacrifice after called "Fu Yu" fruit food.

Tomorrow,is Xia Yuan Festival and just Saturday, if you have a weekend take the family enjoy the festival.

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