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Family decoration use negative ion powder or tourmaline powder?

Family decoration use negative ion powder or tourmaline powder?

At present, our factory can provide the tourmaline powder and negative ion powder, because the two are non metallic mineral products, and have some similarities, such as decoration in the home, the two can be used for decoration paint, so household decoration choose negative ion powder or tourmaline powder?

1. concepts different:

Tourmaline is a natural mineral powder. The electrical primary ore after removal of impurities, powder obtained by mechanical crushing. The modified tourmaline powder has high negative ion production and far infrared emissivity. Also called tourmaline. The general chemical formula of tourmaline is NaR3Al6Si6O18BO33 (OH, F) 4, and the crystal is the general name of a family of ring structure silicate minerals of the three square crystal system.

Negative ion powder is an artificial mineral.

Is the principle of human nature by negative ions, a complex mineral or synthetic ratio, are generally tourmaline powder of lanthanide or rare earth elements and rare earth elements, which greatly exceeded the proportion of tourmaline powder, rare earth accounted for more than 60%, is rare in the negative ion is produced in tourmaline the negative ion, the current academic circles controversial.

2. colors different

In the common colors of the tourmaline powder, it is mostly black or black and gray. The most common color of negative ion powder is white, brown and milk yellow. Therefore, there are obvious differences between the two colors.

Because it is a special structure of polar crystals, it can produce electric ions for a long time, and permanently release negative air and far infrared. The negative ion powder is directly the powder, and it can also release negative ions and far infrared. There is a similar place for this. As a result, there are similar places in the application of the two.

3. prices different

The price of  tourmaline powder is generally cheaper than the negative ion powder.

Negative ion powder has a strong ability to purify the air. Eliminate the leftovers acid smell indoor smell and harmful gases used in indoor decoration decoration materials in the process of volatile benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and other ketone, irritant gases and daily life, etc. on the cigarette harmful smell, with negative ion powder, ten curtains or containing negative ion powder body paint, the release of air ions can be effectively eliminated. This is also a big selling point of the negative ion coating, recently Japanese decoration company to our company to purchase negative ion powder.

Tourmaline can absorb the odor of paint, colloid and other products. It is used to paint interior walls of architectural decoration, and it can adsorb the odor of paint, colloid and paint. The addition of a small amount of ultra-fine electric stone powder, the inner wall and the ceiling of the paint can not only quickly absorb the odor, but also smoke the smell for a long time.

Therefore, the two have the function of eliminating the peculiar smell in the actual use.

In the decoration, which of the two is better?

We suggest use the negative ion powder as the coating, first :color, it will not affect the color of the paint. The second is the effect, the release of negative ion powder will be more direct.

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