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What is the liquid negative ion powder? What it's uses?

In the Alibaba product search, liquid negative ion powder or negative ion powder liquid is also a hot search key word. Therefore, as a manufacturer, we can find out which products are the most demanding of the customers. How does the negative ion powder reach the state of liquid?

As the form of non-metallic mineral products, many kinds are powder or granular. If they are chemical products, their state is very large if they are liquid. Therefore, what is the state of the liquid negative ion powder with the name of the non-metallic mineral product?

The liquid negative ion powder is a form of water soluble negative ion powder after water.

Water soluble negative ion powder, different from the conventional powder, is crystalline. And when the water is added, it can be dissolved in water quickly. Then the liquid negative ion powder is formed. Therefore, the practicability of the liquid negative ion powder is the same as that of the water soluble negative ion powder.

liquid negative ion powder

What is the use of liquid negative ion powder?

The use of liquid negative ion powder is exactly the same as negative ion powder, even better than negative ion powder.

Negative ion powder liquid can involve: environmental protection, cigarette, coating, textile, cosmetics, purifying water quality, purifying air, anti electromagnetic radiation, health care products and so on.

However, the liquid anion powder has no powder convenience in transportation, so more customers choose the product of water soluble negative ion powder particle state.

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