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What are the differences between ore, mineral and mineral resources?

What is ore?

Ore is a mineral aggregate that can be extracted from a useful component or some of its own properties that can be used. It can be divided into metallic minerals and nonmetallic minerals.

Ore is generally composed of ore minerals and gangue minerals. Ore minerals are metallic or nonmetallic minerals that can be used in ores, also known as useful minerals. Such as chromite in chromium ore, ore, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite and malachite in asbestos asbestos ore.

What is mineral?

Minerals are the natural elements and their compounds which are produced and developed in various geological processes, and are relatively stable in certain geological and physical and chemical conditions. Minerals have relatively fixed chemical composition, and solid state also has a definite internal structure; it is the basic unit for the composition of rocks and ores.

What is mineral resources?

Mineral resources, refers to all natural mineral or rock resources buried in the ground (or distributed on the surface, or rock weathering, or rock deposition) for human use.

Minerals can be divided into metals, non metals, combustible organic and other categories, which are non renewable resources.

Shijiazhuang Muci Trade Co.,Ltd is located in Lingshou County, Hebei City, Shijiazhuang Province, relying on the Taihang Mountains, there are rich non-metallic mineral products.

Lingshou county belongs to temperate continental monsoon climate, but because it is located in mountainous area, high altitude, affected by mountain barrier, forming a unique microclimate. Lingshou county has proven reserves of marble, quartz, mica, gold, silver, iron, manganese, molybdenum and other 49 kinds, the total reserves of about 28 tons. The main cultivated crops in Lingshou county are wheat, corn, sweet potato, rice, cotton, soybean and hemp.

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