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The tourmaline market price collapsed & black tourmaline is not affected

Recently, the price of tourmaline has been a phenomenon in the Chinese market. The following is from shenyang daily: the tourmaline is also known as tourmaline and is a borosilicate crystal. Due to its various colors, it has attracted many fashion people and has a place in the collection market in recent years. But since the end of last year, the market has cooled and the price of low-grade jewellery has plummeted to 70 per cent, as the luxury market has been struggling and money has fled to sell new products. Although the black tourmaline also belongs to the series of tourmaline, but because of the color of black tourmaline, rare in the collection class act the role ofing is tasted, and the application of black tourmaline mainly for industrial use, so black tourmaline is not affected by it.

The black tourmaline has the same advantage for the human body. However, due to the difference of microelements, there are obvious differences in the use range, and the price will not be the same.

Usually, the tourmaline contains a variety of elements and colors, and the tourmaline can be called a gemstone, which is not inferior to jade. Because of the market fluctuation, the price of the tourmaline also varies.

"In the antique market to sell the tourmaline, the price of one gram of the previous hundred yuan is very common, and the material is general, but now only thirty fifty yuan one gram, the price is not the same."

The price of the tourmaline products fell sharply and was closely related to the shipment of speculative institutions. Insiders say that the upstream purchase of raw materials for the operation of the tourmaline, a large number of jiangsu and zhejiang buyers, has been investing three or four million yuan to snap up raw materials. But after the start of last year, a similar decline has occurred. Many people, in turn, peddled raw materials, hundreds of thousands of yuan, and millions of yuan for the sale of raw materials, resulting in a sharp drop in the price of the tourmaline in the last year.

The application of black tourmaline is many, such as: the electric stone sweat steam room, the cosmetics foundation, the water purification equipment, the health care product and so on, also is as the raw material, the price is much lower than the ornament kind of tourmaline. It can be said that the obvious difference between the two is that one is practical application, one is the collection value, so there is no comparability.

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