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  1. Maifan Stone Mineral Ceramic Ball
  2. Maifan Stone Mineral Ceramic Ball

Maifan Stone Mineral Ceramic Ball

  • Standard: ISO9001
  • Brand : MC

Maifan Stone Ceramic Ball

  1. Detailed information
Maifan stone ceramic ball Characteristic
?Biological Activity
Maifan Stone( medicinal stone’’maifanshi’’) can improve biological activity of the water with dissolved oxygen concentration. It enables the water degraded or do not have biological activity into water activated and had biological activity. Its replacement can eliminate harmful heavy metals,so the mineralized water produced by Maifan Stone is called "cell detergent" .
Maifan Stone has a double adsorption. Maifan Stone has a strong adsorption ability to heavy metal ions and toxin in the water,it can reduce the concentrations of bacteria and inhibit its reproduction it can remove mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals and chlorinated, and other harmful substances of sewage to purify water.
?Two-way regulation of elements in water
Maifan Stone has function of two-way regulation of trace elements(microelements) and constant in water to reach the best balance of human body needed,so mineralized water and other relative products produced by Maifan Stone has an obvious health effects.
?Two-way regulation of water PH value
Maifan Stone can raise PH value from 4 to about 7, that is raised to close to neutral or weak alkaline. The characteristics can use for the food industry to improve the water and food quality and health function.

?Bathing: Enclose the ceramic ball into a special net bag and put it into water,then take bathing 20 minutes later.
?Footbath:Put the ball into footbath basin, put the feet on the balls and rub repeatedly.
?Cosmetic:Put the balls in the water, touch skin lightly with the water 30 minutes later.

Attention: Should wash with clean water for two times before treating water.

Packing: 25kg/bag or as require.