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  1. Germanium Ball
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Germanium Ball

  • Standard: ISO9001
  • Brand : MC

Germanium Ball

  1. Detailed information


Bath & Cosmetic balls are formulated with natural tourmaline, germanium natural stone, natural magnetic materials and special composite photo-catalyst material processed into submicron powder, sinteried by high-temperature stove. Balls have functions include far infrared therapy, healthy hair keeping, drain toxin and waste out of the body, increaseblood oxygen content, boost the immunity, beauty the skin and hair healthy keeping, which are popular to be used in spa, sauna, water cure,stone cure, and so on.

Size: 2-15mm.

Color: white, grey, red and brown.


Far-infrared therapeutic function

Excrete the toxins out of human body

Increase blood oxygen content

Strengthen body’s immune system

Keep skin and hair healthy and beautiful


25kg/bag or as require.