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What are the advantages of adding negative ion powder to silicone?

    As we all know, the use of negative ion powder is the industry of silica gel, and given that silica gel has excellent properties such as excellent heat and cold resistance, good electrical properties, and non-toxic properties, silicone can be used in jewelry, handicrafts, packaging materials, and automobiles. There are many restrictions on daily necessities, medical supplies, etc. What are the uses of negative ion powder in silicone?

 Silica negative ion powder has the purifying atmosphere, eliminates human fatigue, accelerates blood circulation, and stimulates the health of human body. Anionic powders for silica gel also have antibacterial and sterilizing functions, and have a clear deodorizing effect. Therefore, negative ion powder is used in silicone. Has a great use.

    When silica gel is supplemented with negative ion powder and applied to a person or placed near a person in a variety of silica gel products, it may continue to emit negative ions to the human body and atmosphere, improve the quality of the atmosphere, and keep the body in good spirits; on the other hand, it can continue For the human body to eliminate the body of waste secreted by all kinds of body waste, excited blood cycle back to excellent health care.

    It is in view of the numerous benefits of anionic powders for silicones that many factories and their companies currently use in their products, such as silicone straps, silicone accessories, silicone crafts, silicone underwear accessories, silicone adult products, and silicone packaging materials. The product is supplemented with a negative ion powder for silica gel, and at the same time of supplementing the product with excellent quality, the negative ion powder for silica gel greatly enhances the added value of the product. In the silica gel product, the negative ion powder for silica gel is used by various types of silica gel product manufacturers and enterprises to improve product products. An excellent way to line up and increase profits!

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