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Negative ions powder application 3

Ultrafine negative ion powder/anion powder is used in health care products and cosmetics. Gemstones are used to whiten the color and add to cosmetics or skin cream. Because it contains trace elements such as B, F and SRLI which are beneficial to human body, after treatment with tourmaline, the molecular combination of nutrients is reduced, so that nutrition can be fine through the skin. The gap between cells can even reach the dermis that produces skin cells. It can achieve the effect of freckle removing, wrinkle preventing and skin elasticity restoring. It can be made into cosmetic, skin care products such as lotion, face cream, night cream, shower gel, make-up water, facial mask, powder and so on. It has the functions of removing acne, removing spots and whitening. It has good effect in dandruff in shampoo, and produces far-infrared rays after ultrafine powder is heated. Bacteria, removal of stains, treatment of adolescent beans, ulcerative dermatitis and other skin diseases. Tourmaline can also be put into the bath, which can activate the bath effect of water quality on human body.

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