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Negative ion liquid

Product scope of application:

Liquid negative oxygen ions are mainly used for micro-acid, especially for alkaline waterborne paint, latex paint, paint, ink, wallpaper glue, interior wall putty (diatom mud) and other additions. It can also be used in the production of impregnated paper, technology wood and wood-based panels. Used for sheet metal needs the guidance of our company's technicians.

A series of building walls such as living environment, living room, office and hotel can be used. Floor matte production can be used, after customer construction application effect is very good.

Guarantee period: 6 months (stored in a cool and ventilated place)

Solemn reminder: Where liquid negative oxygen ions are used, a small amount of them should be adjusted proportionally with the added products, confirming that no adverse reactions can be changed before batch use. If you have technical problems, please contact the company. Otherwise, our company will not bear any economic responsibility.

The liquid negative oxygen ion is a new additive developed independently by our company. It overcomes some disadvantages of the traditional negative oxygen ion powder and solves the technical problems that the negative oxygen ion powder affects the product characteristics in addition to other products. Welcome major enterprises to order and try out.

Negative Ion Concentrate: It can be used in home furnishings, mattresses and other products.

Usage: It can be directly sprayed on the required products, which is convenient and concise, and can be based on their own needs.

Adjust the concentration of negative oxygen ions.

Benefits: It can kill formaldehyde, eliminate odor and purify air, so as to improve air quality.

Name: Concentrated solution of negative oxygen ion nano-spraying agent (diluted 10 times)

Negative oxygen ion nano-spraying agent is elaborately prepared by composite modification of specially produced nano-colloid dioxide, sprayed or coated on the surface of the substrate, and naturally dried to form nano-film. Under the action of light (both ultraviolet and visible light), hydroxyl radicals are generated and then converted into negative oxygen ions, which use space for negative oxygen ionization. The sub-concentration increases to 1000-4000 per cubic centimeter, or even higher.

Physicochemical properties of negative oxygen ion nano-spraying agent:

1. Appearance: opalescent translucent liquid.

2. Composition: nano-titanium dioxide crystal colloid, trace compound modifier.

3. pH: pH_5.

4. Particle size: primary particle size 5 nm; secondary particle size 30-50 nm.

5. Performance: It can effectively increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the space of using this product.