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What's the advantages of white nano tourmaline powde using in mask?

The electrostatic melt blown cloth with white nano tourmaline powder can release negative oxygen ions, achieve good antibacterial performance and have good health care effect.

Tourmaline has a long-lasting far-infrared effect. The fiber of melt blown cloth is fine, the pore diameter is small, and it can breathe. Adding white nano tourmaline powder can increase the surface charge and kill bacteria.

After processing and grinding, the white nano tourmaline powder can reach 0.15 μ m or even smaller, which is easy to be divided into fibers, and its advantage is not to block the spray hole.

White Nano Tourmaline Powder

It is made of natural stone by grinding and processing. Its addition amount is about 3% - 8%, the release of negative oxygen ions can reach 1500-3000 / M 3, and the sterilization rate can reach 99.98%. It releases

Far infrared rays can penetrate the outer membrane of bacteria and destroy the inner structure of bacteria, thus eliminating the bacteria.

General parameters:

Color: white

Particle size: 120 mesh, 210 mesh, 320 mesh, 400 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh etc.

Nanoparticles: 300nm, 200nm, 100nm, 50nm, 30nm

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