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The World Smile Day

Smile is a gift to others and a wealth to yourself. May you always smile. May you be brave and decisive. May you be tolerant and frank. The past is precious, the future is just around the corner, all the efforts are rewarded, all the deep feelings are not let down, today is the world smile day, please don't forget to smile!

World smile day

In 1948, the International Red Cross stipulated that the birthday of Henry Dunan, the founder of the International Red Cross, would be World Red Cross Day, or "world smile day". Since 1948, on May 8 every year, the World Mental Health Organization has established this day as the "world smile day", hoping to promote human physical and mental health through smile, at the same time, transfer pleasure and friendship between people, and promote social harmony.

Hugo, a French writer, said: "laughter is sunlight. It can eliminate the winter color on the face. They say that people who like to laugh are not too bad luck. This is not just a casual talk, but a scientific basis.".

According to the research, smile can promote the release of endorphins, natural pain killing substances and 5-hydroxytryptamine, which can make us feel better.

◆ when you see someone smile, you can't help smiling. The pituitary gland also releases endorphins, so smile and happiness can be contagious.

◆ when we smile, our body sends out a message that "life is beautiful", which looks more confident, optimistic and accessible.

◆ in the crowd, "smiling face" is easier to remember.

So, a sad face only pushes people away, but a smile attracts them. There is always a smile that can make you feel like a spring breeze. Let's look at those smiling faces together.

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